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Greener Tox Solutions (formerly PetroTox LLC) is an environmentally-green testing laboratory specializing in OECD biodegradation testing, petroleum toxicology and medical writing services. Greener Tox Solutions provides expert consultation services and specialized testing for respirometry testing internationally in support of product registration, global harmonization and EU REACH requirements. Our multifaceted client services include long-term relationships with major petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies, lubricant and grease manufacturers, environmental engineering/consulting companies, WWTP municipalities, industrial and food grade lubricant companies, hydraulic/gear/additive companies and litigation support. Our toxicology staff has over 50+ years in the petroleum toxicology sector including numerous patents and publications.


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Test Services

Biodegradation – OECD 301F manometric Respirometry Test Method

The respirometry test system is a 20-channel electrolytic respirometer manufactured by Co-ordinated Environmental Services, Ltd. (Cornwall UK). The system is based on a proven oxygen generating process coupled to a sensitive manometric cell.

  • 20-channel C.E.S. respirometer is ideal for testing poorly soluble, volatile and adsorbing compounds
  • Accurately measures ultimate and ready biodegradability
  • GLP Verifiable results: the system has built in data storage facilities and also produces an hourly hard copy print-out of the raw data
  • Specialty testing: lubricant base stocks, greases, hydraulic and gear oils, PAOs, additive packages, drug intermediates and waste streams
  • Optional acclimated vs. un-acclimated microbial inocula [ASTM D-5864]
  • Short-term 14-Day Biodegradation Screening for R&D purposes
  • Local, domestic WWTP consistency
  • Preliminary results can be e-mailed at any point during conduct of the biodegradation study
  • Final report securely e-mailed on Day 29
  • Discounted testing for multiple test substances

Scope: The test substance is placed in a sample flask and sealed by a manometric cell/CO2 trap and immersed in a temperature stabilized water bath and stirred by a magnetically coupled stirrer. As the biodegradation process starts, the microorganisms consume O2 converting it to CO2 during aerobic respiration. The CO2 produced is absorbed by a solution of 10N NaOH in the CO2 trap causing a net reduction in gas pressure within the sample flask. This pressure reduction is detected by the manometric cell and triggers the electrolytic process. The electrolytic process generates O2, which restores the pressure in the sample flask. The magnitude and duration of the electrolyzing current is proportional to the amount of oxygen supplied to the microorganisms.


  • Modified OECD 209/ISO 8192 Activated Sludge Respiration Inhibition
  • Automated respirometry test method to rapidly assess the effect of a test substance or wastestream on microorganisms by measuring respiration rates under defined test conditions
  • Synthetic (Poly Tox®) or activated microbial inocula for measuring toxicity of wastewater to biologic systems
  • Inhibition values for the test substance will be calculated by comparing the net oxygen uptake rates of electrolytic cells to the net oxygen uptake rates of the control cells.
  • Synthetic OECD sewage feed prepared at 4x normal strength
  • This method is applicable for testing waters, waste waters, pure chemicals and mixtures of chemicals

Petroleum Toxicology Services

  • Mutagenicity Indices (MI) for Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PACs)
  • Modified Ames Test [ASTM E 1687]
  • Method IP 346 (Weight% Extracted Equating to PAC)
  • OECD 201 Freshwater Alga and Cyanobacteria Growth Inhibition Test (72-Hr)
  • OECD 202 Daphnia sp Acute Immobilization Test (48-Hr)
  • OECD 203 Fish Acute Toxicity Test (96-Hr)
  • Microtox® Toxicity Testing

Biological Feasibility Studies

  • Biological Feasibility of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sites
  • Electrolytic Respirometry Biotreatment Monitoring
  • Long-term Biodegradation Studies (28-days or longer)
  • Nutrient-amended/10% Inoculum Groundwater Controls
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Analyses

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Recent Results

Consistent biodegradation validation results with known test substances for >10 years using domestic WWTP and direct test dosing methods for insoluble materials.

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  • Recent Results


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